Tips you should keep in mind while on your weight loss journey

Tips you should keep in mind while on your weight loss journey
Tips you should keep in mind while on your weight loss journey

Every time you pick up a magazine, it seems like an online programme or diet is featured. Instead of falling for a fad diet, it is best to listen to your body by incorporating healthy meals and exercising. Before you begin your weight loss journey, it is imperative to know that there is no one size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. If two people of the same height and weight eat the same meal and exercise at the same rate, they will lose weight at different rates. Here in this article, we will discuss some tips you should keep in mind during your weight loss journey and also compare yoga vs gym which is better for weight loss.

Fitness goals

When it comes to health and fitness, both yoga and the gym share the same goals. Their approaches to health, however, differ. While the gym puts your body through a variety of strenuous workouts that assist you in losing those extra kilos. Yoga was developed by sages and saints to prepare their bodies for strict seated meditation. Let’s outline some differences between yoga vs gym that will help you understand which is more beneficial for you.

Yoga is more of a holistic wellness practice that works on your mind, body, and spirit.Gym is more focused on physical health in comparison to your mental and spiritual health.
Yoga works on your internal system by promoting detoxification, which helps you achieve internal system harmony.Gym workouts focus on your physical strength, toning your muscles, and improving your cardiovascular health.
Keeps you fresh, energetic, and happy throughout the day.Keeps you energetic, healthy, and stiff. It also releases endorphins in the body, which keep you happy throughout the day.
Suitable for people of all age groupsNot recommended for elders and for people suffering from heart disease.
It does not require any trainer, and one can also learn through YouTube videos for beginners.One must require trainers for better understanding of machines and for targeted bodybuilding.
There is little chance of experiencing withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing the practice.People who stop going to the gym may experience withdrawal symptoms. Specifically, body pain and muscle ache

When it comes to yoga vs gym for weight loss, it is best to go for a combination of both if you want to reap all the benefits both practices have to offer. Apart from exercising, it is also necessary to keep other things in mind, such as diet and portion control. Here are some tips we have outlined for you.

Some tips to consider

Eat what’s right for you

As previously stated, following a fad diet or a low-carb diet will not benefit you. Opt for balanced nutrition when it comes to losing weight. Your body knows what is necessary for you, and one should listen to it. Include protein and high-fiber foods to keep you satiated for a longer period of time, as well as equal amounts of carbohydrate to keep you energized. Don’t limit yourself because a healthy body requires nutrition from a wide variety of food groups, which is required for healthy weight loss.

Eat mindfully

When it comes to losing weight, most people restrict themselves. Instead, savor your meals instead of just gulping them down. Chew and savour each bite of food, becoming aware of the taste and texture of what you’re eating. This rule applies to your beverages too, and soon you will learn that you get fuller faster when you eat your food mindfully. Aside from that, it is gentle on your digestion and boosts your energy levels.

Hydration is the key

Most of the time, people confuse thirst with hunger, which makes you increase your calorie count when all you need is one glass of water. Therefore, it is necessary to hydrate yourself, as our body is 60 percent water, and water is as important to our body as food. It will also help with better weight management, apart from improving your digestion, skin health, detoxifying your body, and regulating your body temperature.

Avoid eating in front of a TV

Most people have the habit of watching TV while eating their meals. It distracts you from your meal, which leads to overeating. Therefore, it is best to consume your meal in a suitable environment where you are not distracted by the TV, phone, or laptop and can focus on your food.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods are loaded with sodium, sugar, and trans-fat, which are detrimental for your health and also for your weight loss journey. These packaged foods also contain artificial flavours that make you consume more.

Enough sleep

Stress is also one of the prominent causes of weight gain. When you’re stressed and anxious, your body activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is the fight or flight response that increases your appetite. It also increases fat around your belly. Therefore, it is necessary to get 7 hours of quality sleep that will allow your body to recuperate and keep stress levels in check.

Move more

While we have outlined the difference between yoga vs gym for weight loss, you can opt for another activity of your interest. You can join Zumba, go swimming, or go for a long walk. Do what you enjoy and make your body move.


Do not fall for those features that claim to guarantee weight loss by using a similar approach for everyone. Your body is different, as are your needs. However, incorporating the above-mentioned tips into your lifestyle is a great place to start your weight-loss journey.