Teeth and Mouth Problems Often Experienced by Adults


How aware have you been with oral health? Not a few people underestimate the health of their teeth and mouth. Though teeth and mouth are important tools for the body, namely as the starting point of digestion. Teeth are mechanical organs for chewing. Meanwhile, the tongue as a taste, provides the sensation of the various foods you consume.

If your teeth and mouth are not properly maintained, various problems can arise. Not only in the form of pain or discomfort in the teeth, but it can also be bad breath and cavities in the teeth. For that you have to take care of your teeth as well as possible, one way to take care of your teeth is to take supplements such as Steel Bite Pro. For steel bite pro reviews, you can visit the website https://www.eturbonews.com/582188/steel-bite-pro-reviews-scam-or-does-it-really-work/.

The following are seven dental and mouth problems that are often experienced by adults:

1. Mouth odor

Bad breath can be caused by an excessive accumulation of bacteria in a person’s oral cavity. This unpleasant smell from the mouth can also arise due to problems with dental health. Some of these include accumulated tartar that has not been cleaned, cavities that have not been treated, and residual roots that have not been removed.

2. Thrush

Thrush is also experienced by many adults. This condition can be painful because of the injury to the soft tissue. Apart from heredity, thrush can also be triggered by other health problems. For example: sharp cavities, tartar, and remaining tooth roots.

One way to prevent thrush is to maintain cleanliness of the teeth and oral cavity. Also make it a habit to do regular maintenance every 6 months to the dentist, and handle dental problems properly without delay.

3. Cavities

Cavities occur when tooth tissue has turned into dental caries. To overcome this condition, it can only be done by filling by a dentist. Later the dentist will take and clean the dental caries first, then it will be patched with the appropriate material.

However, don’t be late to see the doctor, because dental caries continues to move into the tooth. When it reaches the pulp of the tooth, it can only be saved by root canal treatment. You can no longer handle it by being patched.

4. Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth just grow at adulthood, which is 17 to 23 years. The growth of these teeth can cause pain and other problems. For example, in wisdom teeth that are oblique, food can get stuck in them and cavities can occur because they are difficult to clean. In addition, it is not only this tooth that hurts, but holes will also occur in the next tooth that is jammed with food.

There is another problem faced by someone who has wisdom teeth that grow straight but imperfect, namely inflammation of the gums. Again, because it is difficult to clean, the risk is that the gums will become inflamed more easily.

5. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums, or gingivitis, are part of the body’s defense mechanism. That is, when the gum area is dirty, the body will perceive it as an irritant that needs to be eliminated by bleeding. If this process continues, not only bacteria but also the bones that support the teeth.

The main problem with gingivitis is that the symptoms are not painful, so most sufferers do not realize it. As a result, bleeding gums are allowed to drag on and become a continuous infection. This can be prevented by cleaning the tartar every 6 months at the dentist.

6. Abrasion Teeth

Tooth abrasion can occur due to teeth experiencing too strong and constant friction. The causes can be various, such as brushing your teeth too hard, braces that are too gripping, and certain habits. Some of the habits that cause tooth abrasion, for example, the habit of using toothpicks and pen biting habits.

To prevent this, you must avoid things that can trigger the abrasion. For example, if there is a mistake in brushing your teeth, you must apply the correct way of brushing your teeth and choose the right toothbrush.

7. Big Hole and Root Remaining

Large holes start from small holes that are neglected until they are protracted. This condition can cause uncomfortable pain. Sometimes this large hole is also the center of bacterial development which will have an impact on other teeth.

Meanwhile, the remaining roots are dirt that is stored in the mouth. Apart from causing bad breath, the remaining roots will irritate the gum tissue and make inflammation easier. Treatment of cavities and root extraction can be done at the dentist.

These are some of the oral and dental problems that often occur in adults. You always have the choice to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. If you take care of them properly, there is a minimal risk of disturbance. In addition, check with your dentist every 6 months so that your teeth and mouth are always clean and trouble free!