A consultant leader was Joseph Igersheimer (1879–1965), finest recognized for his discoveries with arsphenamine for the therapy of syphilis. As one of eight emigrant directors within the Faculty of Medicine on the University of Istanbul, he built a contemporary clinic and educated college students. In 1939, he went to the United States, becoming a professor at Tufts University. German ophthalmologist, Gerhard Meyer-Schwickerath is extensively credited with developing the predecessor of laser coagulation, photocoagulation. The Greek physician Rufus of Ephesus recognised a extra modern concept of the eye, with conjunctiva, extending as a fourth epithelial layer over the attention. Rufus was the first to recognise a two-chambered eye, with one chamber from cornea to lens , the opposite from lens to retina .

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  • Noninvasive laser vision remedies can improve or correct vision impairment attributable to