The best way to wash reusable incontinence nappies or cloth diapers?

So you have decided to help this planet and your own pocket. Reusable nappies or cloth diapers come really helpful when you suffer from incontinence. Not just they feel good to the skin, they also prove helpful in the long run. They also save you from looking for incontinence pads for sale at best price in Australia. But then it all drains down to washing. If you suffer from urinary incontinence alone, then reusable cloth diapers are your best choice. They are not hard to wash and are easy on pockets. But what if there is poop? We lay down before you a simple guide on how to do it. Read below to know more about what equipment to use and what steps to follow.

How to wash cloth pads or diapers? The easy guide.

It all comes down to fecal incontinence. If you have a newborn, it is his tendency to just poop, no matter what you make them wear. So, when it comes to washing you might want to know more and take care of few things:

  • If it is just urine or poop alongside.
  • What washing product to use.
  • How much is the incontinence.
  • What equipment to use.

If it is just urine.

You will save yourself from micro hassles by keeping cloth diapers with urine alone together. Once they get collected in numbers, throw them together in the machine and wash them. You might want to make sure that there still remains some cloth diapers to use when you wash the dirty ones.

If it is poop in there.

This is the real deal that many people run from. This is where many people go for disposable incontinence pads and diapers. If you are using it for your child and there are solids in his/her poop, then you might first want to flush the poop inside the toilet. But how to do it?

  • Use spraying equipment. To wash the poop off you need two pieces of equipment.
    • Diaper Splatter Shield – It is like a big shield inside which you place the diaper and direct the shield inside the toilet.
    • A sprayer – Most toilets have sprayers in them. Now you have placed the diaper in the shield it is time to spray.

One end of the shield goes inside the toilet so when you flush the poop and water goes straight into the toilet.

You would not want to keep the poop diapers like urine diapers for long. The poop will dry and smell foul. It will also degrade the quality of diapers.

If you have a two-part cloth diaper, then you might want to remove the pad off and throw it before washing the remaining cloth nappies.

  • If you have babies, use the washing product that is approved for the usage of babies. Babies have gentle skins and harsh detergents can come harsh to their skin. So choose mild chemical free products. Read all the washing instructions on the nappies to know more about how to wash them and how not to wash them. Every product has different guidelines written on them somewhere.

Why to use cloth diapers over disposable incontinence pads?

There are many benefits to it. At first, it does not bring havoc upon the planet and your pocket. Reusable briefs and pants save you much money in the long term. If you really want to use disposable diapers then go for diapers that are environment friendly and latex-free. This way you ensure that you do not bring much harm to the planet. Also, to make it cost you less, look for incontinence pads for sale at the best price (in Australia, if you live here). This will save you some money alongside the hassle of buying them again and again. Choose the company you trust.

If you have an adult or elderly suffering from incontinence, deal with the person using empathy. Empathy and moral support have been proven to ease down the incontinence problem to a greater extent. Know more about what many products are out there to help you with incontinence.