How To Deal With A Dental Emergency Overseas

If you’re abroad and have a dental emergency, it can be overwhelming and concerning. However, we’re here with a few steps to help take away the stress and simplify the process, so you can continue to enjoy your trip away!

Invest In Dental Insurance Before You Leave

For those of you who are currently abroad and experiencing a dental emergency this won’t be relevant, however if you’re getting ready to leave and want to be prepared, then you should invest in international dental insurance. Should the worst happen, you can call your insurance company and they will help you to find a reliable local dentist, as well as cover the cost of the emergency treatment. This is important to help you protect your oral health when travelling.

Many dentists in the UK, including popular Cheltenham dentists, now offer dental plans for their patients, for example paying £15 a month to access two check ups a year, two hygienist appointments and then also international dental cover. This can be a really cost effective choice, that also provides protection when you’re away, so it would be worth asking about.

Identify A Local Dentist

If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency abroad, then you should identify a local dentist to help you. There are a few ways to do this, either by looking at local reviews, asking for recommendations from your hotel or calling your country’s embassy and they will be able to provide information for you. They may be able to prescribe pain relief if it’s not something that requires instant dental work, as if you can wait until you get home and then have the treatment done with your trusted dentist that would be ideal. Just bear in mind that if you don’t have dental insurance, the cost of treatments can rack up very quickly.

Call Your Dentist At Home

Another thing you should do if you’re experiencing a dental emergency overseas is to call your dentist at home, whether that’s a dentist in Leamington Spa or London. They will know your dental history and when you explain your symptoms, they may be able to provide some context. For example if you have an awful toothache and on your last x-ray there were signs of your wisdom teeth coming through, they could recommend pain relief to help until you get home and can book an appointment. If you’re planning on having treatment whilst you’re abroad, it’s also worth calling your dentist at home before anything happens, explain your symptoms and they can provide some guidance for you on whether or not it sounds like what should be happening and whether or not you should go ahead.

If your dental emergency is cosmetic, for example you have composite bonding and it has chipped significantly, get in touch with your cosmetic dental clinic and they can help to provide some guidance, or get you booked in for an appointment as soon as you’re home.

Calling your dentist is important, as it can help to provide some context to the situation and they could also send medical notes over to the dentist treating you which can be really helpful for everyone involved.