8 Types of Exercise To Lose Weight

Everyone certainly wants to have the ideal body weight. Unfortunately, not a few people who have difficulty losing weight because they are lazy to exercise. Supplement like leptoconnect can also help you lose weight. In addition to paying attention to every food consumed, exercise is also needed to accelerate weight loss.

1. Swim

The following enjoyable exercise is an alternative to losing weight. The swimming technique used greatly influences the number of calories burned. For example, swimming with a backstroke can burn 298 calories, breaststroke burns 372 calories, and the butterfly style burns 409 calories.

2. Boxing

Boxing is indeed popular. However, boxing is not just a mere trend but this sport is indeed quite effective for weight loss. Doing boxing for 1 hour can burn about 800 calories.

3. Cycling

One more exercise to lose weight that is quite fun, namely cycling. You can bike directly around the housing complex or use your own static bicycle at home.

Cycling at medium speed for 30 minutes will burn 260 calories. In fact, not only for weight loss, this exercise is effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

4. Run away

Looking for exercise to lose weight that is cheap and can be done without the help of any tools? Come on, get used to running. This sport can be done without the need for any tools. You only need to run around the neighborhood or on a treadmill.

Only by running for 30 minutes, the number of calories your body can burn range from 298 to 372 calories. So, the longer you run the more calories you burn.

5. Gymnastics

Of the many sports that can be an alternative to accelerate weight loss, gymnastics is the most enjoyable sport. Yes, your body will move while following the strains of the song playing.

There are many types of exercises that are fun, one of which is Zumba. Doing Zumba for 1 hour can actually burn 400 – 700 calories.

6. Skipping

Skipping or known as jumping rope is a simple sport that you might often do in childhood. Although it looks simple, skipping is considered a sport that can lose weight fast, you know.

This exercise can burn calories quickly. You can also do this sport at home without the need to pay expensive fees.

7. Yoga

Maybe you know yoga as an exercise to improve mind health. However, yoga also can burn calories in the body so that it accelerates the process of weight loss.

Doing yoga for 30 minutes can burn 149 calories. Not only that, yoga can train your body and mind to control your appetite so you don’t overeat.

8. Walking

Who would have thought that a relaxed walk also contributes to weight loss, especially for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight. Yes, a 30 minute leisurely walk is claimed to burn 167 calories.

Relaxing walk can be done at any time. Begin to increase the frequency of walking, such as preferring to walk to take public transportation rather than using private vehicles.

Losing weight is not just to have a more attractive appearance. Maintaining an ideal body weight is an effort to have a healthy life free from disease.