What is Profhilo and Why Is It Popular in Singapore?


What is Profhilo and Why Is It Popular in Singapore?

If cosmetic procedures are new to you and wish to get a more natural effect compared to dermal fillers, Profhilo might be the non-invasive cosmetic procedure for you, to maintain and improve your skin’s quality. This treatment is known to be effective, clean, safe, and “a real breakthrough” in anti-aging medication.

Profhilo in Singapore isn’t a dermal filler even though it’s also composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. Profhilo is an extremely potent skin enhancer for skin that’s losing its firmness and elasticity with time. It softens fine lines and gives way to a hydrated, fresh, and natural glowing appearance.

Aging and other skin disorders happen due to the substantial reduction in the skin’s collagen and elastin production. Hence, one way to fight these skin conditions is by using treatments and procedures that stimulate elastin and collagen production.

What Is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment with advanced bio-remodeling properties. It produces four types of elastin and collagen together with it. Thus, it’ll be an effective treatment for lack of hydration, overall exhausted-looking skin, and skin laxity. It fixes the dehydration issue while reclaiming the skin’s natural glow.

How Does It Work?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally existing substance generated in the body, seen in joints, skin, and other connective tissue. The role of this acid is to conserve moisture in our body and help collagen production. It could carry 1000 times its weight in water making it perfect for retaining moisture. However, with time, hyaluronic acid creation slows and our skin appears dehydrated and duller, with wrinkles and fine lines forming.

Profhilo in Singapore includes one of the greatest concentrations of stabilized hyaluronic acid in the industry. Because it’s thermally bonded, it doesn’t act as a filler instead as a hydrator. It’s injected just beneath the skin’s surface where it disperses immediately and reacts with the tissue to immediately improve hydration. After four weeks, the next phase starts as it boosts collagen and elastin production. This effectively remodels our skin and offers it a smoother, firmer, and plumper look.

What Are The Benefits Of Profhilo?

Profhilo activates a reaction in our tissue called ‘bio remodeling’ which tightens, smoothens, and provides your skin with an inner glow.

In a nutshell, it tightens the skin and combats skin laxity. It is not a substitute for fillers or BTX, but it may be used in conjunction with them or as a stand-alone therapy.

Profhilo focuses on the quality of the skin rather than the muscle action that causes wrinkles (muscle relaxants are used to treat this) or the loss of fat pad volume and the filling of particular lines (dermal fillers target these issues).

It also helps in the healing and regeneration of the skin, as well as the definition and lifting of the face, the removal of wrinkles, expression lines, and fine lines, and the straightening of the skin while removing sagging and wrinkling skin.

Am I Suitable to Have Profhilo?

Profhilo is appropriate for everyone who shows indications of aging. It is most suited to those between the ages of 40 and 50. However, persons who aren’t in the above-mentioned age range might have this treatment as a preventive therapy to maintain their skin.

Is Profhilo a Safe Treatment?

This procedure is quite successful in regaining your youthful appearance. Profhilo is very biocompatible in terms of safety because it is made entirely of natural hyaluronic acid and does not include any chemical cross-linking agents.

By considerably enhancing the texture of the skin and supporting the structures beneath it, Profhilo complements all other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures.

There’s always a risk of slight swelling and bruising at the injection site, as with any injectable treatment, which usually disappears within 24 hours. After your treatment, you should be able to return to work as soon as possible. During your appointment, you’ll be informed about after-care options.