Pigmentation Removal Singapore: How much does Pigmentation Removal Cost?

Pigmentation refers to the darkening of an area on the skin. There are different types of pigmentation that appear in different areas of skin depending on some factors, such as UV exposure and hormones. UV exposure causes sunspots or freckles, while hormones cause Melasma or dark patches around moles or pregnancy masks.

However, there is another type of pigmentation commonly known as age spots/liver spots which appear more prominently on elbows, backs of hands, and face. We have a guide which goes deep into the different types of pigmentation. Access it via this link: https://veritas.com.sg/skin-pigmentation-treatment-singapore/

In this article we will briefly discuss three types of pigmentation – Sun [or Age] Spots [age-related], Freckles [hormone-related] and Melasma [hormone-related]. Keep reading.

While most people try to fight pigmentation by avoiding or minimizing UV exposure, some people are genetically prone to pigmentation with little influence from the environment. Checking your options for pigmentation removal in Singapore is necessary for those who want to achieve a more even skin tone and/or improve their overall complexion.

Now, on to the types of pigmentation, age spots are related to sun damage – the more you are exposed to the sun, the higher your chance of developing age spots. Freckles may also develop as one ages if they were not present during the early years of life. Melasma occurs mostly in females due to hormonal changes due to pregnancy / menstrual cycle / contraceptive pills. However, it can affect men, especially if their family history includes melasma.

How much does Pigmentation Removal Cost in Singapore?

There are multiple options for pigmentation removal in Singapore. The treatment option your aesthetic doctor may recommend will be determined by factors like your budget, the type of pigmentation you have, the size of your pigmented area, and the depth of pigment.

The treatment options for each type of skin pigmentation are discussed below:

●       Age Spots / Sun Spots Removal

There is a wide range of lasers in Singapore for age spot removal, including Nd:YAG lasers, CO2 lasers, and IPLs. The first two types use heat to remove aging spots, while the last one uses intense light beams to help lighten these spots. You can expect about S$100 – S$3000 or more per session depending on the laser used as well as other factors like age and intensity of pigmentation. In some cases, it may take as many as four sessions before your doctor is satisfied with the results, so the overall cost can be higher.

Another option is using chemical peels to help lighten age spots; however, chemical peel treatments are usually recommended for face use only, and you can expect to pay S$100 – S$800 or even more per session depending on your doctor’s recommendation. There are also topical creams available for use at home which may help reduce pigmentation over a period of time though they tend to be expensive and not always effective.

●       Melasma Removal

Melasma removal is a rather complex process that involves a combination of creams, peeling agents, and lasers, depending on the type of melasma you have. Generally speaking, there are two options available for melasma treatment – natural remedies like supplements followed by cosmetic procedures.

When it comes to supplements, there are so many available in the market, which is why you have to read their labels carefully to ensure they contain the right ingredients. Since these supplements are usually made from natural sources, they tend to be inexpensive compared to cosmetic procedures. That being said, most of them do not help reduce pigmentation effectively unless used over a long period of time.

There are several types of chemical peels available for melasma removal as well, including TCA peel and Jessner’s peel. Chemical peels work by removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin with the active ingredients found in each type of peel, targeting pigment-producing cells at deeper levels under your skin’s topmost layer.

The cost per session depends on your doctor’s recommendation as well as individual factors like age and severity of pigmentation. Laser treatments are also available for melasma removal, but these tend to be slightly more expensive, so you may want to start with chemical peels first.

●       Freckles Removal

Freckles can be removed using sunscreens with high SPF levels – the higher your sunscreen’s SPF is, the better it will protect your skin from developing new freckles over a period of time. Apart from that, a variety of laser treatments are also available for removing freckles, including CO2 lasers and Nd:YAG lasers. These types of laser work by targeting melanin at deeper layers under the surface resulting in freckle lightening or complete removal after several sessions. You can expect to pay S$200 – S$500 per session depending on the laser used as well as your individual factors like age and severity of pigmentation.

How to Choose a Clinic or Practitioner for Pigmentation Removal in Singapore

Pigmentation removal can result in a boost of confidence for anyone who feels embarrassed by their appearance, which is why it’s important to choose a clinic or practitioner carefully. Here are some steps you can follow while looking for the right aesthetic doctor for pigmentation removal in Singapore:

  • Make sure your doctor provides references and contact details of past patients so you can ask them about their experience with the clinic. If possible, try to get in touch with people whose pigmentation issues are similar to yours for better accuracy.
  • Ensure you’re provided with information on potential treatment risks, including discomfort during laser sessions, scarring, etc. Since most clinics offer up-front quotes which may not include hidden costs like aftercare products or prescriptions, you should learn more about these charges before starting your treatment plan.
  • Find out if the doctor is willing to provide you with aftercare products required for your pigmentation removal treatment. This means that whether or not these products are provided for free or you have to buy them on your own will depend on the clinic’s policy.
  • Ask about expected outcomes of each type of laser used before having a final quote. Some clinics only use one type of laser, even if it may not work on all skin types, so make sure they fully explain why this particular laser would work best for your skin type before signing any contracts.

The Bottom Line

Pigmentation removal is a relatively inexpensive treatment compared to most anti-aging procedures, although the exact cost will depend on individual factors. Chemical peels are one of the more affordable options for removing pigmentation, while laser treatments tend to be pricier, although these are also effective for fading freckles, sun spots, etc. Make sure you find a doctor you’re comfortable with before starting your treatment plan to avoid any misunderstandings or legal problems later on.

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