Jaw Reduction without Surgery and Downtime: How is This Possible?

While a square, strong jawline could be very masculine and attractive for male patients, women desire a softer face shape. For Asian females, shaping their lower face from square to a more attractive oval could improve facial harmony and a softer look. Until recently, the only means to change the shape human face was through jaw reduction surgery and surgical intervention. At present, BTX treatments have revolutionized jaw reduction by letting us reshape our lower faces without pain, swelling, or a scalpel and downtime.

What causes a Square or Box Jaw?

An excessively square or bulky jaw could be the outcome of the underlying bone structure, overly-developed masseter muscles, or a mix of the two. It could also be due to ethnicity (usually happens for Asian descent) and genetics. At the same time, some lifestyle aspects (e.g., teeth grinding or excessive chewing) could also contribute to a box jaw look and over-developed masseter muscles.

Jawline reduction BTX could better deal with these problems and build a proportioned jaw and chin, slimming the face and developing a more refined, sculpted look.

What is BTX Jaw Reduction Treatment?

BTX for jaw slimming is particularly effective for those who feel their jawline is too prominent or square and would like a more refined and contoured V-shaped face. Among the ways to achieve this is masseter muscle reduction (your jaw area’s muscle that assists us in biting and chewing), as excessively large muscles in this region could result in a too prominent jaw or a bulky-looking face.

BTX jaw reduction is a minimally invasive, greatly pain-free treatment that needs little to no downtime, which suggests you could achieve your ideal appearance without the inconvenience of the recovery period or the need to revise your lifestyle.

This is a good choice if you prefer to slim down your face. Along with chin fillers to make the length and a smaller shape.

BTX effectively relaxes and reduces your muscle’s size, softening and smoothening its appearance, producing a more desirable and contoured shape. It also reduces your facial angle and guarantees that the chin and jawline are proportioned better.

One or two injections on the two sides of the jaw would result in that. Patients must wait one month to notice benefits since muscle shrinkage takes time. Two more sessions are needed in the coming months to maximize the V-shape.

How BTX Treatments Work

The masseter muscle, part of the chewing muscles, is expanded, increasing face width. Per each side, the surgeons administer micro-droplets of neurotoxins straight into the masseter. This weakens this specific muscle over time, resulting in the reduced overall size of the muscles. BTX is also used to treat bruxism, or jaw clenching and jaw clenching. This is a safe procedure with only a minimal quantity of neurotoxin administered.

How Long Does It Take for Jaw BTX to Work?

Although a few obvious effects might be observed quickly after one session of jaw reshaping btx, the full impact might not appear until three to four weeks later.

How Soon Can I See Results After Having BTX Treatments?

While there will be a difference in your look due to masseter reduction before and after, it is uncommon to be seen right away. While you might see some improvements sooner in some circumstances, it will usually take three to four weeks for the full effect to show.

Are Jaw BTX  Injections safe?

For several years, Btx has been utilized for a range of cosmetic and medical procedures. Jawline reduction with btx has continuously been proven safe and has few adverse effects when administered by a trained practitioner in a fully equipped facility.