How to Edit in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Increasingly, there are more and more social media users, including Instagram. This social media is a favorite of many people because it always provides new features in every application update.

As many people use Instagram, the celebrity phenomenon appears. These successful celebrities have a lot of followers and become idols of many people. One thing that many people are curious about these celebrities is how they ‘design’ their Instagram feed and the results of good photo editing.

1. Install Lightroom.

The first step must be done, of course, to download the Lightroom editing application for free both on the PlayStore for Android or the AppStore for iOS. After successfully downloading, the first step is to select the photo to be edited and edit it in the Light section.

Create a section:

  • Exp will become +0.30
  • Contrast to -30
  • Highlight goes to -100
  • Shadow becomes +100
  • Whites becomes -100
  • Blacks becomes +100

2. The second step, adjust the color with the rules as below.

  • Temp becomes +15
  • The tint becomes +7
  • Vibrance to -4
  • Saturation becomes -12

3. Change the color mix section

In the red.

  • Hue: +40
  • Sat: +100
  • Lum: 0
  • In the Orens color section.
  • Hue: -8
  • Sat: -37
  • Lum: +10

In the Yellow section.

  • Hue: -8
  • Sat: -37
  • Lum: +10
  • In the Green color.
  • Hue: -4
  • Sat: -88
  • Lum: +22

In the blue section.

  • Hue: +19
  • Sat: -92
  • Lum: +30

4. After completing the celebrity photo color mix that is ready to be uploaded on your Instagram.

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