Jaw Reduction without Surgery and Downtime: How is This Possible?

While a square, strong jawline could be very masculine and attractive for male patients, women desire a softer face shape. For Asian females, shaping their lower face from square to a more attractive oval could improve facial harmony and a softer look. Until recently, the only means to change the shape human face was through jaw reduction surgery and surgical intervention. At present, BTX treatments have revolutionized jaw reduction by letting us reshape our lower faces without pain, swelling, or a scalpel and downtime.

What causes a Square or Box Jaw?

An excessively square or bulky jaw could be the outcome of the underlying bone structure, overly-developed masseter muscles, or a mix of the two. It could also be due to ethnicity (usually happens for Asian descent) and genetics. At the same time, some lifestyle aspects (e.g., teeth grinding or excessive chewing) could also contribute to a box jaw look …